Govt Increases Petrol Price in Pakistan by Rs. 7.45

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Petrol Price in Pakistan

The government has increased the petrol price in Pakistan on 1st July 2024. The government increased the petrol price in Pakistan by Rs 7.45. They implemented the final decision regarding the increase in petrol and other petroleum products in Pakistan on 1st July 2024.

Now the government has increased the price of petrol as recommended by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) based on international market fluctuations with immediate effect to Rs.265.61 per litre. no increase was made in the price of Light Diesel Oil and kerosene oil. On the other hand, the price of high-speed diesel met the increase of Rs. 9.56 to Rs.277.45 per litre.

Reports in local media said petrol prices in Pakistan remained at Rs.265.61.Under the revised prices, the cost of high-speed diesel in Pakistan also saw a hike of Rs. 9.56 to Rs.277.45 per litre.

The Kerosene oil price is Rs.186.64 litre.  Besides petrol in Pakistan, the official price of LPG in Pakistan is now Rs.256.43 per kg.

The government had declared a surge in the petroleum development levy (PDL) by Rs.10 per litre, from Rs.60 to Rs.70, in the budget.

The government immediately declared a price hike of petroleum products on July 1st, 2024 amid a surge in global oil rates. Today’s petrol price in Pakistan is Rs. 265.61. The diesel price in Pakistan is now Rs..277.45. This petroleum price in Pakistan will remain effective till 31st July 2024.

The prices of petroleum products in Pakistan are as follows according to a notification issued by the Finance Division:

ProductsOld Prices (Rs/ltr)New Prices (Rs/ltr)Price Increase (Rs/ltr)
PetrolRs. 258.16Rs.265.61Rs. 7.45
High-Speed Diesel FuelRs.267.89Rs.277.45Rs.9.56
Kerosene Oil
Light Diesel FuelRs. 166.86 RS.  166.86Rs. .0


Petrol Price in Pakistan

1. What is the current petroleum price in Pakistan per litre?

A. Today’s petrol price in Pakistan per litre is Rs.265.61

2. What could be the latest petrol price in Pakistan from April 16?

A. The price of petrol in Pakistan increased on 1st July 2024 by Rs.7.45.

High-Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan

According to the latest update, the High-Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan is Rs.277.45. The High-Speed Diesel is an ideal fuel for heavy-duty cars, trucks, and buses that deliver excellent engine performance.

Light Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan

The light-speed diesel price in Pakistan is RS. 166.86.

Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan 

The latest price of Kerosene Oil in Pakistan is PKR. 186.64.

LPG Price in Pakistan

LPG Price in Pakistan is Rs.234.60 per kg.

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