What is the Islamic date today in Pakistan?


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What is the Islamic Date Today in Pakistan?

Islamic date today in Pakistan is Dhu l-Hidjdja 08, 1445 Hijri, 15th June 2024.

What is the Islamic Hijri calendar?

The Islamic date depends on the Islamic calendar/lunar calendar/Hijri calendar.

Muslims around the world determine the Islamic date on the lunar calendar. All the religious events are observed on the Islamic dates after the sighting of the new moon. Islamic date determine Islamic holidays and rituals, such as month of fasting, Eids, pilgrimage, etc

The Importance of Islamic date in Pakistan

Islamic dates in Pakistan depend on the movement of the moon and daily updates according to the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

Pakistan is one of the Mulsim countries which observe their events on Islamic dates. The exact Islamic date let them prepare for the major events and festivals in Pakistan. Islamic date in Pakistan changes daily after sunset.

What are the Islamic months in Pakistan?

There are 12 Islamic months just like the Gregorian colander. The Islamic months pursue the lunar cycle, making the Islamic calendar nearly 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. The Islamic months are as follows;

  1. Muharram – The Month of Allah
  2. Safar – The Month of Distinction
  3. Rabi Al-Awwal – The Birth of the Beloved
  4. Rabi Al-Thani
  5. Jamada Al-Awwal (Jumada I)
  6. Jamada Al-Thani (Jumada Il)
  7. Rajab – A Sacred Month
  8. Sha’ban – The Neglected Month
  9. Ramadan – The Month of Fasting
  10. Shawwal – The Month of Reward
  11. Dhul Qadah – A Sacred Month
  12. Dhul Hijjah – The 10 Best Days (The Month of Hajj)

How many days are in the Hijri calendar?

The Hijri Calendar is a lunar calendar, which comprises 354 or 355 days in a year.

Which month of Islam is today?

Today is the holy month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year. Today’s Islamic date in Pakistan is Zilhajj 05, 1445 AH in the Islamic calendar.

What Islamic Date Tomorrow in Pakistan?

The Islamic date tomorrow in Pakistan will be Dhu l-Hidjdja 09, 1445 AH.

What are the 4 holy months in Islam?

There are 4 holly months in the Islamic year that hold great significance. The 4 holy months in Islam are Muharram and Rajab, Dhu al-Qadah, and Dhu’l-Hijjah.

Chand ki Date today in Pakistan?

Chand Ki Date today in Pakistan Zilhajj 08, 1445 Hijri, 15th June 2024,

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