This Brooke Bond Supreme TVC Promotes Social Connection While Staying Physically Distant


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This Brooke Bond Supreme TVC Promotes Social Connection While Staying Physically Distant

Brooke Bond Supreme TVC: We have all heard this line over the past few months repeatedly. From corporates to our friends on social media, during these tough times, we are told that everyone shares this misery.

However, many still feel alone in this fight. That is the kind of impact physical distancing can have; it leaves you feeling isolated and alone.

But at the same time, some individuals and organizations are working day and night to help people. Some are actively working on the ground, while others are spreading positive messages. The latest Brooke Bond Supreme TVC is all about positive messaging and showing us the right way to care. It reminds us of how little acts of kindness can go a long way, and sometimes, it proves to be the best remedy. 

Understandably, people are anxious and afraid. However, that shouldn’t mean that we become distant from our friends and loved ones and stop caring altogether. We can be cautious and follow all the regulations. And yet there are ways to support those who are going through isolation

In the TVC, we see an anxious husband, demanding from his wife to stay away from their neighbor who has just returned from hospital and is likely to be in isolation. But she reminds him that they can be physically distant and, at the same time, remain socially connected. There is no interaction between the neighbor and the wife. She isn’t in danger in any way. Still, she is able to provide support at such a time of distress with a soothing cup of tea. Just a reminder that someone cares.

This cup of tea can take very many different meanings. It is representative of all the charity workers who are providing support to people in great need. A salute for those who are fighting this disease on the frontlines. An example of how a small gesture can mean a lot. With this advertisement, we are reminded that all of us are in this together, and the only way to get past this is if we take care of each other.

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