Best Alternative Solutions to PayPal for Pakistani Freelancers and SMEs

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Best Alternative Solutions to PayPal for Pakistani Freelancers and SMEs

PayPal, the most famous American online payment gateway, remained in limelight in 2019 in Pakistan due to its arrival but the company refused the Pakistani Government’s offer of initiating its service in Pakistan.

This has caused the biggest disappointment to the freelancing and SMEs (small and medium) communities in Pakistan.  The non-availability of PayPal in Pakistan has caused huge losses to our freelancers and therefore a large number of potential clients could not be signed because they could only pay via PayPal and it’s not offering its services in Pakistan.

PayPal mode of payment is no doubt one of the best payment methods for the digital world. As PayPal is an easy way to get money from other countries in Pakistan, but what if you cannot enjoy this facility?

The freelancing community of Pakistan stands at 4th position in the world and the unavailability of PayPal has extremely damaged the freelance and SME communities. However, with the growing popularity of online businesses, many organizations have started working as alternative solutions to PayPal in Pakistan.

But the growing risk of fraud, scams, and loss of money has made it difficult for customers to choose one of the best digital payment solutions to get their payments in Pakistan securely.

With the growing risks of fraud and threats in digital payment solutions, it is difficult to choose a secure payment system. Besides the fraudulent payment solutions there exist reasonable, tangible, and most trusted alternative solutions to PayPal for Pakistani Freelancers and SMEs. These PayPal alternatives in Pakistan offer various online transaction facilities that are suitable for freelancers and SMEs.

Below we have listed the best alternative solutions to PayPal for Pakistani Freelancers and SMEs so that they can easily choose one that meets their demands.

1. Payoneer


Payoneer is the ideal PayPal alternative in Pakistan. Payoneer solved all the problems caused by the unavailability of PayPal in Pakistan. Payoneer is truly a digital permit for the freelancing community. Payoneer has business conformities with global companies like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour and Getty Images.

Payoneer allows freelancers to have the payments in US dollars and they can also convert their payments into PKR through any VISA ATM. The other benefit of Payoneer is that you can also directly transfer money to your bank account.

Payoneer payment method is purely safe and authentic.

The good piece of news is that freelancers can also have their payments into their local accounts such as JazzCash, because JazzCash has become the official partner of Payoneer in Pakistan.

2. 2CheckOut


The frequently asked question is 2checkout available in Pakistan? And the answer is Yes, 2CheckOut is a famous alternative solution to PayPal in Pakistan, working as the most famous online payment gateway across the world. It works firmly in Pakistan and is linked with VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. It has numerous handy and easy-to-use payment methods for freelancers.

Its use is completely safe and you can use its app for utilizing its verified payment methods.

3. SimSim


SimSim is a service introduced by FINCA Microfinance bank and it got approval from the State Bank of Pakistan in 2107 as the first free digital wallet in Pakistan. It is a cardless digital payment system. This solution is suitable for new freelancers with small earnings as it has transaction limits from Rs.500 to Rs.5000.

Freelancers and customers can easily make a SimSim wallet by providing the original CNIC and mobile number.

Customers can also install the SimSim app which is available for both Android and iOS devices as a PayPal alternative in Pakistan.

4. EasyPay


EasyPay by Telenor Pakistan is intended especially for e-commerce customers and sellers in Pakistan. It has various online tools to fulfill the requirements of Pakistani freelancers.

Easypay payment gateway offers cool features like supporting bank level. Easypay is the secure, centralized and convenient payment gateway in Pakistan.

5. SadaPay


SadaPay is an online payment podium in Pakistan that issues MasterCard to its customers and allows flawless transactions anywhere in the world, including online payments.

SadaPay offers multi-features to be called a modern payment solution system. Famous international websites like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and AliExpress accept the SadaPay debit card easily.

Moreover, customers can easily make an account with SadaPay by installing its mobile app and uploading their selfies and a picture of their CNIC. After the successful verification customers will get a card and start spending anywhere in the world.

6. Remitly


Remitly is also one of the best Paypal alternatives in Pakistan for Pakistani freelancers and SMEs. It’s a hassle-free money transfer and online payment solution.

It is a fully trusted and secure online payment and transfer service in Pakistan.

7. E-currency exchangers

With all these alternative solutions to PayPal for Pakistani freelancers and SMEs there stand the e-currency exchangers as well, that are offering the easy-to-buy/sell, deposit/withdraw, transfer/cashout, and exchange services in Pakistan. 

Freelancers and SMEs who have their international online digital wallets can easily deposit and withdraw their payments by utilizing the services of the trusted currency exchangers in Pakistan.

Though the Pakistani market is filled with numerous e-currency exchangers it’s hard to find tangible and reliable ones.

For the ease of customers, we have mentioned the best, authenticated, and tangible e-currency exchanger in Pakistan which is


It is easy to use and semi-automated online podium to buy/sell, transfer/withdraw, deposit/cash out, and exchange digital currencies like Skrill, Perfect Money, Web Money, PayPal, Payoneer, AdvCash, Nettler and etc.

Digitalpaisa lets the customers easily exchange despite and withdraw payments through local accounts like JazzCash, Easypaisa, and Banks.

The most interesting thing about is that is an authorized and securest e-currency exchanger in Pakistan that takes full responsibility for the funds of clients. 

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed the best alternative solutions to PayPal for Pakistani freelancers and SMEs. Through these mediums of Online Payments, you can easily transfer and withdraw your payments in Pakistan. The above-mentioned alternatives of PayPal in Pakistan are authorized and trusted. You can make easy transactions with these online solutions.

Moreover, these payment gateway providers in Pakistan are verified by the State Bank of Pakistan so there is no hassle about the security breach.

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