Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Residency Visa

Sumera Saeed

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Residency Visa

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Residency Visa. Do you want to get a Dubai Residency Visa? You need to read the below details which will update you on how to get the residency in Dubai with your family.

Dubai offers a wide range of residency visas for individuals who wish to live and work in the state. Here are some details about the most common types of Dubai residency visas:

  1. Dubai Work Visa: Those individuals who want to get a job in Dubai can get this work visa from a company in Dubai. The company has to sponsor the visa and offer the necessary documentation.
  2. Dubai Investor Visa: Individuals who invest a certain amount of money in Dubai are capable of getting a Dubai investor visa. The minimum investment amount varies depending on the type of investment.
  3. Dubai Student Visa: Students can also get a visa that is sponsored by the educational institution where the student has been accepted.
  4. Dubai Retirement Visa: Individuals who are over the age of 55 and wish to retire in Dubai can get this visa for a duration of five years. After five years they need to renew it.
  5. Dubai Property Visa: People who own property in Dubai are eligible to have this visa. The visa is valid for three years and can be renewed.

A majority of people in Pakistan choose to do jobs in Dubai but they left behind their families due to the expenses needed to sponsor the family to live in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are some of the requirements for applying for a Dubai Residency Visa

  • A UAE Residence Visa is essential for all nationals, except for UAE and GCC national citizens.
  • A person working in Dubai needs to earn between Dh 3000- 4000 Plus to sponsor his family to live in Dubai.
  • Accommodation for family (wife and children).
  • If you want your spouse to live with you in UAE you need a valid residency visa.
  • Male and female family members who are to be sponsored and who have completed the age of 18 need to go through and pass medical fitness tests at approved health centers in the UAE.
  • If you want to sponsor your parents with the accommodation you need to get a salary of Dh 20,000.
  • The typing center scans documents and application form
  • Your salary certificate, work contract, marriage certificate, and birth certificate of children
  • Three months’ bank statement
  • Attested tenancy contract
  • Emirates Identity Card
  • Official medical insurance policy for parents with minimum coverage of Dh 600
  • Furthermore, if you want to employ a maid in your home your salary near be 8000 Dh.

Apply here for a Dubia residency visa. With the following documents.

  1. Passport: A valid passport with at least six months validity from the date of entry to Dubai.
  2. Application form: A completed application form for the residency visa.
  3. Photographs: Passport-sized photographs.
  4. Medical fitness test: A medical fitness test may be required to obtain a residency visa.
  5. Security clearance: Some types of visas may require a security clearance from the Dubai authorities.


All the required certificates must be attested by the relevant ministry and also stamped and attested by the UAE consulate in Pakistan.

It’s important to note that certain requirements can vary depending on the individual’s nationality, age, and other factors. You can also consult with a qualified immigration lawyer or immigration consultant for permanent residency in Dubai with your family.

For complete information about Dubai residency visas for family, parents, children, and spouse parents click here.

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