Reuters Digital Journalism Courses

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Reuters Digital Journalism Courses

With the arrival of technology, journalism has to reinvent itself to meet the demands of the evolution of society. The arrival of the internet has made it more important to digitalize journalism, also known as online journalism. With the emergence of digital journalism, it has gained some new resources to share news, and information and tell stories or share their narrative. Keeping this requirement in mind and coping with the new situations of the digital world, and helping the professional British news agency Reuters has launched free digital journalism courses.

Introduction to Digital Journalism?

As the digital platform is growing and becoming popular daily, journalism has become more important than ever. Newsrooms are not only inventing and creating new stories but are now expanding their platform via social media and other digital forms to present stories aided by the vast digital technology. Every passing year, people derive new ways to present news and information.

Why Digital Journalism?

Journalists need to report ethically, truthfully, and with verification. Journalists have a great responsibility to report stories and news based on facts. Many authentic journalism studies show that consumers want to get reports and news based on deep truth and unbiased facts. American Press Institute Study found that 67% of Americans believe in news reporting on facts and closer to the truth. Consumers globally are more concerned about the truth and falsity of a report. They want to know what is true and what is false on the internet when it comes to news. Therefore, publishers are highly recognizing their long-term survival is likely to develop a deep and stronger connection with online audiences.

Reuters Digital Journalism Courses:

The Reuters training consists of a two-hour workload, with the best practices in digital journalism via practical instructions and scholastic images. There are four modules dealing with things such as a collection of news in the digital world, the value of checking the data, and practicing publishing to be well regarded on social media.

The agency highlights how the ways people consume news have transformed and this arises the importance of being highly professional and updated constantly. Only then they can meet the consumers; desire, who are increasingly wishing to get highly authentic and in-depth news reporting. It also highlights how ethics are the base of success.

How to Sign in for Reuters Digital Free Courses:

To join Reuters’ digital free courses, you can visit the official website of Reuters. Click on ‘Start Your Certification”, and fill in the data including your personal information such as your first and last name, email address, country, etc. After sharing your information, you can get access to the course, which delivers a digital certificate of completion to professionals who complete their training in digital journalism.

Free Online Journalism Courses with Certificate

This Reuter’s training courses introduce the best types of practices in digital journalism. The course consists of hands-on how-to guides, and didactic images, and also offers five modules of valuable training dealing with how to tackle digital newsgathering, verification-based reporting, and publishing effectively on social media platforms, Wellness and Resilience and Operating as Independent Media in a Turbulent World. Once the participants have completed one-and-a-half-hour training, they will receive a digital certificate of completion training.

The fifth module named ‘Wellness and Operating as Independent Media in a Turbulent World” is a new addition to the course. This module deals with how and why independent reporting, utilizing responsible sources and avoiding biased reporting, and new and managing conflicts of ideas and interests.

More than 90,000 professionals in more than 40 countries have acquired certificates by completing the previous four modules of the course. If you have already completed four modules, you can do the fifth one too. Only you need to sign in and your fifth module begins. This module is available in the English language only.

For the last few years, Reuters offer free digital journalism courses for journalists in India, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa to support them to build a strong foundation in digital journalism, ranging from reporting to editing to wellness.

More than 100,00 journalists and participants from over 42 countries have joined the Reuters digital journalism courses. The Reuter has acquired critical skills to help professionals excel further in their careers. With great success, Reuters has expanded the courses to 12 more countries and has made courses available in other languages including Tamil, Bengali, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Polish, German, Filipino, and Italian.

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