How to Check PM Laptop Scheme Application Status?


How to Check PM Laptop Scheme Application Status?

A few days ago the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 registration process started and its last date was June 20.

The government has declared to provide laptops to competent students of colleges and universities across the country.

After the declaration of the PML-N Laptop Scheme 2023 more than half a million students applied to get laptops, though the govt is indented to provide just 1 lac laptops to deserving students.

After the submission of the PM laptop scheme application, now it’s time to check the PM laptop scheme application status.

How to check the PM Laptop Scheme application status online?

To check the application status, visit the PM Laptop Website and chose phase, city, university name, campus, department, and study level to find out the application status.

Below are the mentioned statuses on the PM Laptop website:

Applied: A candidate has successfully submitted an application for new registration.

Verified: A candidate’s status and records were confirmed by university officials.

Disapproved: It stands for the disproval in the application due to some error including incorrect academic details or date of admission; it also demonstrates misbehavior or administrative issues, etc.

Selected: It stands for the student to get the laptop.

Not Selected: It means the student is eligible but not selected due to the limited quota.

Asset Issued: It means students have already been awarded a laptop in the previous laptop schemes.

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