Election Holidays in Pakistan 2024


Election Holidays in Pakistan 2024

General elections 2024 in Pakistan are all set to be held on February 8.

As per the unofficial reports circulating on social media, there will be nearly 8 holidays on account of general elections in Pakistan.

How many holidays will students get?

Election Holidays in Pakistan 2024 are for the educational institutes. Election holidays in Pakistan are all set to begin on 4th February. There will be Sunday on 4th February and on 5th February there will be a public holiday on account of KashmirDay in educational institutes. They are to remain closed from 6th February to 10th February during the election period.

All the educational institutes will reopen on 12th February after the holidays for election 2024 in Pakistan.

How Many holidays will be for the general public?

There will be two public holidays in Pakistan on 5th February for Kashmir Day and 8th February on account of Election 2024.

List of Public Holidays in Pakistan in February 2024.

  • 4th Feb               Sunday
  • 5th Feb                 Kashmir Day
  • 6th to 10th Feb            Election Holidays
  • 11th Feb                Sunday

However, the reports regarding the election holidays in Pakistan 2024 are confirmed by officials. There were also reports that the educational institutions across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will remain closed from 7 to 9 February on account of general elections.

Sindh has also announced extended holidays for educational institutes from 6 to 10 February on the occasion of the General Elections. However, the official notification will be issued after the approval of the Caretaker provincial government.

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