Kesari Jalebi Recipi Video

Sumera Saeed

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Kesari Jalebi Recipi Video On Daytimes
Jalebi, also known as Zulbia is a very delicious sweet dish. Widely popular among Asian people on special occasion and in monsoon, Jalebi is very easy to make at home. The homemade jalebi recipie is very simple. Below are the ingredients of homemade Kesari Jalebi:
• 1 Cup of Flour (maida)
• 2 cups of sugar
• Backing powder ½ teaspoon
• Cream of tart ¼ tea spoon or lemon wedges 2 to 3
• Kesar food color
• Kesar
• Oil for frying
For having the complete method of making homemade Kesari Jalebi, watch the video below:

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