Lizzie Velasquez: Symbol of Motivation

Mariam Irshad

Lizzie Velasquez: Symbol of Motivation

Lizzie Velasquez: Symbol of Motivation

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. (Malcolm K)

When you want to achieve any goal , your will power will make you high-flier, but if you lose your spirit you remain a loser. When you type world ugliest girl on Google , name that appear firstly is Lizzie Velasquez who at age of 17 in (2006) got this shocking title with such disgusting comments on that youtube video post. Lizzie Velasquez is suffering with rare congenital disease that prevents her from accumulating body fat and makes her look nasty. Each girl desires to look insolent & classy but in case of Lizzie it’s never been possible. She suffers a lot from childhood as our society accepts only beauty of style & look not beauty of soul & personality.

Lizzie Velasquez who is considered the symbol of obnoxious transformed herself into motivational speaker & author. She erudite to be confident in the way she is and not to dependent on other thoughts.

She make her you tube channel and then started posting videos where she presents idea of being you , being self-confident and believe in power of inner beauty. Lizzie Velasquez set an example for the whole world that how a ugliest woman become best motivational speaker. In Texas State University she quoted

Overtime I learned that the only way I could show those people that they weren’t going to become my definition and my truth was to somehow make myself better

Lizzie is known for her positivity. In 2010 with help of her mother , her autobiography is published and then in 2012 she wrote book titled Be beautiful , Be You and in 2014 other one choosing Happiness (2014). In both books she explained how she faced the world , bitter realities , how she learns about herself , power , self-esteem , finding best in yourself etc. Her basic aim is to motivate the persons who feel stumpy & have fear of facing the world, persons who are horrid for society As in my opinion

It’s the created boundary of your own self to present yourself in Attractive or Unpleasant being.

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