How To Make Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses?

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How To Make Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses?

How to Make Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses. Every year solar eclipse occurs and to watch the occurrence of the partial and total solar eclipse with bared eyes can cause major damage to the retina.

The eyes doctors are trying to clear away any orbiting debris that’s vague vision safety information and spotlight the dangers of viewing Solar Eclipse without protective glasses.

Solar Eclipse can cause permanent damage to Eyes

Everybody knows that watching the sun in general condition can cause blurry vision and in the case of a solar eclipse can damage your eyes. You can experience blindness if watching the solar eclipse without protective viewing glasses.

It is also not at all safe to gaze directly at a partial eclipse without special eclipse glasses or filters. The risk of retina loss is even larger if you stare at a partial eclipse with no protection through a telescope or binoculars. Watching the eclipse with naked eyes can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

There will be an annular solar eclipse in many parts of the earth and most of the countries will see only a partial solar eclipse.

Here’s what to do or don’t for viewing the solar eclipse

  • Don’t view the eclipse with your naked eye.
  • Don’t use the unfiltered telescopes, binoculars, sunglasses, camera lenses, or other optics gadgets.
  • Don’t use anything that focuses light, even if you’re wearing eclipse glasses.
  • NASA revealed that the strenuous solar rays can spoil the filter and enter your eyes.
  • Not doing so can cause eternal damage to your eyes, and nobody wants that.
  • If you do fear that your eyes have been damaged by sunlight instantly consult the eye doctor to diagnostic tests, such as OCT.

Protective Solar Eclipse viewing glasses are a good idea

If you are excited enough to look at the solar eclipse directly you need to wear protective solar eclipse viewing glasses.

How to have solar eclipse glasses?

There are a number of online retailers selling solar eclipse viewing glasses. You can buy a good quality solar eclipse viewing glasses for you if you are crazy enough to watch the eclipse directly.

Moreover, you can also make your own solar eclipse viewing glasses at home without spending more money.

For Making the Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses at home watch the video below:

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