Strings’ Proving to be the Light Brightening Up Our Lives During the National Lockdown


Strings’ Proving to be the Light Brightening Up Our Lives During the National Lockdown

The country’s most-loved band ‘Strings’ has taken over our social media, with some legendary collaborations, some beautiful renditions, and all things fantastic, mixing the colors of music in our gloomy quarantined days. 

The biggest highlight of our weekend was when Faisal Kapadia went live on his Instagram page with none other than the musical maestro AbidaParveen, and we were blessed with what we think is the best live stream to have ever happened, period.

We saw Abidajee performing a few lines from Man Kunto Maula. Kapadia used the live stream as an opportunity to talk to Abidajee about her life, so her fans and all those who were watching the stream could learn more about her. She also sang a few lines of Mehdi Hassan’s classic ballad “Ranjish Hi Sahi,” which practically brought tears to Kapadia’s eyes.

That’s not all; almost every other day, we are blessed with a beautiful acoustic rendition of songs on Bilal Maqsood’s Instagram. He put a sweet little message remembering Junaid Jamshed, and we just can’t get over it.

This beautiful cover of Amir Zaki’s ‘MeraPyar’ is what we exactly needed!

And to top it all off, this medley has our heart!

MeraBichraYaar X Jaana, wow, what a crossover!

Ever since the lockdown has begun, the Strings duo have been active on their Instagram pages and have continued to put out content and videos that have been a source of happiness and entertainment in our lives. They have gone live with a lot of other artists. Faisal has done live streams with another renowned Pakistani singer Haroon, and Palash of the Indian band Euphoria.

Watching the band we grew up listening to and loving dearly fill our lives with music and love has been so so great. Who would’ve thought the lockdown would bring us this candid version of Strings? So, Strings, please continue doing what you are doing, because you have been lightening up our days in the best way possible!

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