Women Empowerment and Fashion Trends

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Women Empowerment and Fashion Trends

Women Empowerment and Fashion Trends.Clothing is not only just a way to cover the bodies, it has shifted to a way to express the personality traits using new trendy clothes in Pakistan.  We, human beings, have a need to wear clothes. The purpose and functionality of clothing is physical in the sense that clothing helps protect the human body against variations in weather.

This need for clothing can also be a psychological factor as clothing can function as a form of nonverbal communication to others that sends social signals. The clothes a person wears and how they are worn may provide a signal to others about their identity, tastes and individuality. Fashion,although, is a subjective concept that totally depends on a person’s own understanding of the whole thing. A person may find some vintage designs and styles to suit their personality or a person may like to update his or her wardrobe according to the latest dressing trends and latest design clothes of the society. ​

In the race of this need to look personal best, Pakistan has also emerged on the map and has also developed a lot of sense of fashion and design in the past few years. Our designers are constantly making great advancements towards the innovation and creation in this field to meet the consumer requirements. Clothing is not only just a way to cover the bodies anymore, instead it has shifted to a way to express the personality traits using these new​  designer clothes in Pakistan. ​

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This recent advancement, both physically and psychologically, has given birth to a new market trend that is online shopping and shopping portals which is an easy way to shop from the comfort of our homes. A person can relax in their homes and not have to go out in the scorching heat and just pull up their laptops or even cellphones and just in a few clicks, purchase whatever they think reflects their interests for clothing trends of summers.

With technological advancements, consumer doesn’t even has to provide their debit card or credit card details in order to be safe from the internet scams, and just avail the COD (cash-on-delivery) option, which almost all the online shopping store are providing now.This not only contribute towards saving time but also from internet frauds, which is a huge relief for many of us.

Online Handmade Clothing

All the major names in the designer clothing industry of Pakistan have their online presence now on almost all the major social media platforms with worldwide shipping options, which results in a more broad consumer bracket of our traditional and rich with heritage designer clothing. Some of these shops do not even exist in the market and are exclusively available online and making. I, recently came across an organization that works for women empowerment in Pakistan especially in the rural areas.

Online Shopping Store

I was glad to see how this organization is working for change and a better tomorrow on the grass-root level. While, in conversation with one of their heads, it came to my attention how some great women workers had been suffering through the whole market linkage process. But with this new trend of online shopping, it has gone relatively easy for these artisans who are sitting in the far-off villages to commercialize their products and earn a dignified livelihood.

When a woman is given economic hand in the society, that is where the real women empowerment begins. In some backward areas of Pakistan where women are not given an equal say in the matters of household, women who get determined to break the social barriers and step out of their homes and comfort zones for a better tomorrow of their families earns good, gets a say in household decision making and contribute towards a better society on all fronts.

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