FAW V2 Car Now Available for Sale in Pakistan: Price and Specifications

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The first Pakistan-China assembled car FAW V2 is now up for sale in the country. Al-Haj FAW Motors has officially unveiled the 1300CC FAW V2 Car in Pakistan in a ceremony held on Saturday.  The launch event of FAW V2 Car in Pakistan was attended by the automobile dealers and vendors from all over the country.

The FAW V2, the first Chinese hatchback passenger car totally assembled in Pakistan.

FAW Motors, the Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company formed in collaboration with Al-Haj in 2007, has lunched the FAW V2 in Pakistan with outstanding features.


The official deceleration of the FAW V2 in Pakistan has made by the Managing Director of Al-Haj FAW Motors, Bilal Afridi.

During his speech, Bilal said that an initial investment of 2.5 billion rupees has been raised to set up the company and a further investment of 1.3 billion rupees for an improved local assembly setup, and ED Paint technology in their cars.

Its a stylish, has beautiful details and is the perfect combination of simple yet classy. The door handles and the side view mirrors are color coded. The side view mirrors are powered and have integrated turn signals in them. V2 also has 14 inches, 6-spoke aluminum alloy wheels as standard.

Have a look at the complete Specification of FAW V2 car:




FAW V2 car Colors:

The FAW V2 car is available having red, black, white, grey and gold color options.

The Chinese company is hopeful for an optimistic response as it plans to boost its production to 15,000 units per annum by the end of 2020. Furthermore, FAW is also keen on introducing new models in Pakistan at a cheaper price.


The price of FAW V2 is Rs.1,289,000/- (Ex-Factory Price).

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