Pakistan’s First Real-time Online Shopping Search Engine Is Live Now


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Pakistan's First Real-time Online Shopping Search Engine Is Live Now

GIKI Graduates Develop Pakistan’s First Realtime Online Shopping Search Engine to ease Shopping during Corona Crisis.

Corona outbreak has terminated all the social activities worldwide. The government has imposed a strict lockdown in Pakistan, where millions of people are suffering from mental depression while being in self-isolation due to lockdown. Almost all the super-marts and malls for shopping are closed and the open ones are selling their products at extortionate prices. Everyone is worried to fulfill their necessities.

Online shopping is the most significant option here but how to know regarding authentic sites for online shopping?

Successful startup in E-commerce industry of Pakistan

Students of GIK, Mr. Bilal Jamil, and Mr. Ali Abbas Haider have invented Pakistan’s first real-time online shopping website. This website is named which facilitates the user to get their required product from any of the online shopping stores of Pakistan. It has around 3.2 million products at a single platform from over 210 online shopping stores. Prices of each product are mentioned on the site whereas a magical filter as price comparison feature of the product is also available, users can easily select the price range from either lowest to highest or highest to lowest. 

Features of this biggest platform are user friendly, required product availability at different online stores along with its details is mentioned on the system. During this lockdown, another astonishing feature of this site is to know regarding the stores which are open and still delivering or not is also highlighted with the details of the product.

It also helps the user to locate their nearby online stores to purchase their desired products, earliest as possible. Brand new first hand or second hand used products both are available on the site. A clear picture of the product is available on the site.

This 24/7 available website can help the user to find a wide variety of products from different online stores through this single platform. Founders claim that is the most reliable online shopping search engine available in Pakistan. It is a breakthrough in the E-commerce Industry of Pakistan.

Wondering how does this smart website work?

The homepage interface of the site is the first thing that a user will see on the screen. This site is easily accessible through smartphones or other electronic gadgets like laptops etc. It is the biggest single platform that uses advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to live track millions of products that are available on almost all the reliable online stores of Pakistan.

The functioning of live tracking of products gives the best results to users. All the features protect the user from becoming a victim of fake details, over-priced products, and scams. Fresh information is mentioned along with each product. The smart site is user-friendly and serves in the best way to get any of the products within a second.

Give a try to shop online through and get an amazing experience of online shopping.

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